Martha Karua will help reboot Kenya and help deal with the Hyenas keen to eat ….

Martha she got the spine to face the bag guys . Image courtesy Daily Nation.

Happy to see Hon Martha Karua in today’s Nation top page.

Hon Karua is a serious reformist and no nonsense and if it is to help reboot Kenya then she is the right person to do it. We have had serious malware in the dna of our country, cosmetic touch here and there won’t do we need to restart this nation.

In 2003 as chair of Coast hoteliers I was appointed to serve as a board member of the inaugural Coast water services board. Despite big projects she walked the narrow path. She spent quality time to explain what the water reforms entailed.

Fact is that both sides of the divide we got some serious hyenas who are waiting just to eat.

I am well aware Baba Raila Odinga is surrounded by several hyenas some will clean everything . He has to tolerate them for now as he seeks votes to occupy the house on the hill.( Art of war ) I am very happy for Baba he now has the antidote to those bad elements. Baba MUST close the door on those bad guys once he occupies the house on the hill and hand over the keys to Mama.

One reason why I now support Azimio in an even bigger way is because of Hon Karua to help salvage this beautiful country Kenya.

The abuse has been long and I think enough is enough and no better person to flush the bad guys down the drain.

Let me call you Martha , I wish you good health and strength to give Baba the support , when it comes to bravery and spine none can match you.

As always yours truly is choosing to remain an optimist.

Mohammed Hersi

2 responses to “Martha Karua will help reboot Kenya and help deal with the Hyenas keen to eat ….”

  1. Richard Briggs avatar
    Richard Briggs

    I agree she is a hard working soul that will do good in her role. But I don’t trust the pack of Hyenas you describe.


  2. Claire Mokeira avatar
    Claire Mokeira

    She has asserted that “sisi hatucheki masaa ya kazi.”
    She is the saviour Kenya needs.


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