It takes Lewis Hamilton to showcase other side of Pokot

Lewis Hamilton jetted quietly into Kenya when Kenyans were busy going to the polls and sole agenda visit West Pokot .

The other side of Pokot that most of us don’t know and Media Kenya don’t help matters. West Pokot is more than 8000Sqkm but images we see in the media is nothing but bad news.

It takes Lewis Hamilton to bring the warm beautiful side of Pokot. As a tourism player this is a challenge to us to promote entire Kenya MagicalKenya . Let us build on this goodwill set by Lewis.

Lewis Hamilton was not on some charity visit with some NGO, he was purely on a personal visit to connect with Africa which is very good publicity for Pokot and Kenya.

Thank you Lewis Hamilton

Mohammed Hersi

One response to “It takes Lewis Hamilton to showcase other side of Pokot”

  1. It saddens me when you see how images of different destinations are portrayed by our media versus the image of the same place when tourists of people of the like of Hamilton portray.

    Imagine we had almost a whole week of nothing playing or showing on out TVs and prints besides politics

    It’s time stakeholders pulled up their socks.


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