African presidents this should humble you yes you ……

The body of once powerful man and one of the longest serving presidents in Africa Eduardo dos Santos arriving back home as a cargo amongst bags and other containers.

All said and done earthly matters is nothing but vanity ….how do you want to be remembered. To be a leader is privilege serve well and be fair to all.

✅ In life you reach a point where the quality of life that you lead cannot be improved

✅ You can only drive one car at anytime

✅ You can only sleep in one house , on room and one bed at any one time

✅ You can only eat from one plate and one dish and only so much at any one time

✅ You can only wear one suit or best designer stuff at any one time


Amassing of wealth more so from tax payers money is nothing but a hunter gatherer mentality which means Africa we are still evolving.

Nigeria & Angola have had oil just like UAE and Qatar.

Did you know that Emirates is a 1985 airline while Qatar is 1993 when KQ was already ruling the skies.

Africa is a sad case indeed but good news is that many of these bad guys are coming back as cargo .

As always I choose to remain an optimist that good shall overcome evil.

One response to “African presidents this should humble you yes you ……”

  1. Was reading about the last days of Mobutu and found an interview with his chief bodyguard.

    Mobutu had earlier sent his plane to pick up family members, but the pilot instead stole it, along with cash for fuel. As rebels were nearby, Mobutu’s guards then flew him to exile in an old Russian cargo plane. It had no seats, so they removed its cargo of smuggled arms and drove in Mobutu (sitting in his Mercedes as he was ailing from cancer)


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