New Governors must save us from these irresponsible firms. Destroying expensive walkways

Telecommunications companies with their chosen contractors have laid to waste all the hard work by KURA & Mombasa County.

Cable layers are making nonsense of all the beautiful walkways that were constructed in Nyali Mombasa. I see the same nonsense in Nairobi as well. Shame on these corporate firms who act in the most irresponsible manner. Wearing a dark suit with authoritative red tie means nothing.

Some corporate companies in Kenya are true face of impunity. For a long time we have not had decent roads in Mombasa and more so in Nyali. We finally got that addressed and well tarmacked roads were done in many areas by Kenya Urban Roads Authority KURA and Mombasa County Government did the icing on the cake by giving us beautiful walkways that 🚶‍♂️ 🚶‍♀️ and joggers found it ideal.

As Kenyans went to the polls and everyone was busy with matters elections some firm in Mombasa was busy destroying all the nice work that has been done hardly a year ago.

This morning on my Sunday walk I came to face with the damage and what nonsense has been made of all the hard work and beautiful delivery by both national and county government.

I am told they are laying cable for a leading mobile phone company which of course has been contracted to a third party.

  1. Any serious firm doing business in any city say Mombasa would know that they need to lay cables in 3rdQ of 2022. They saw this work going on surely what was so hard to bring the same to the attention of the county goverment so that finished work is not destroyed.
  2. Mombasa county authorities, surely you give the approval and the worst part is that these firms never bother to restore the damaged roads or path to its original state . Why do you choose to look the other way. Governor elect Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir you need to crack the whip on these officers.
  3. Civil society, why are you silent? HAKI Africa North Coast Ratepayers & Residents Association – NCRRA you need to speak up . Silence means consent. Most of these contractors are not residents hence don’t care how they leave a place as long as the cable is underground and they have been paid. To Safaricom am reliably informed these cables are yours and if that is the case you need to act responsible by keeping an eye on what is being done by some of your chosen contractors. Please don’t forget we are your clients in our homes and businesses. While we appreciate Fibre and 5G network but it should never be done at the expense of other facets of life.

We expect this mess to be sorted out and our beautiful walkways restored . You may be seated in Nairobi but we live and we won’t let you get away with murder.

We all admire Dubai. Singapore. Cape Town and Kigali but we don’t want to do things the right way . Men and women in those cities have refused to cuddle mediocrity and equally refuse to be compromised to look the other way.

  1. Why can’t the county goverments lay one service line and then any firm that would like to place a cable would then lease a line underground. I am sure a PPP would work pretty well and we avoid this constant digging and messy work. This is NOT the way to run a city or a country.

Finally at times you may need to take the bull by it’s horns. I recall years past when I was running a leading resort in Mombasa and Telkom Kenya through some contractor wanted to cut across my tarmac at our main gate. They arrogantly told my security manager they have been licensed and we were wasting their time. I made it clear they must sign an agreement that my resort entry has to be restored to its original state in the absence of that no cutting would happen. I even threatened to uproot the said cable if they went ahead and matters can go to court if they so wish. Of course they signed and restored my driveway entry to our satisfaction.

Folks when the authorities fail to do their work you need to fight back for your space. Kenyans we just lament and shrug our shoulders in a helpless manner. We have very many lawyers, surely cant you step forward and even take up such cases in public interest pro Bono. If I was a lawyer , I would have done that. We need more Okiya Omtatah Okoiti in our life’s.

This mess in Nyali Mkmbasa and across most towns in Kenya MUST be fixed.

Your Excellency President elect William Samoei Ruto as you take office please be ruthless and get sanity restored. Many in public service call such ” Mali Ya Uma ” hence they don’t care . Please be our very own Lee Kuan Yew, Sheikh Mohamed and even Paul Kagame and refuse to cuddle mediocrity.

Mohammed Hersi

2 responses to “New Governors must save us from these irresponsible firms. Destroying expensive walkways”

  1. Good day Mr. Hersi,
    I fully agree with you, and I believe most of Kenyans Citizen agree to that too..

    The companies who get the contract must agree in their contracts to restore whatever n wherever they do the work to the original.
    I noticed in Mombasa town it is the same issue..
    Same as you wrote what happened to the front gate of your place.. see it can be done. It must be forced into terms and condition of the contracts.

    Thank you.

    Z Pote

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  2. The County’s inspectorate should be doing it’s work by making sure that these dug up side-walks are returned to the same condition that they were in before being defaced. Why don’t these people do their work?

    Hence the impunity of the diggers. There’s nobody taking them to task..


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