First family did not start loving their faith in state house.Freedom of worship it is.

Prayers at state house on Sunday. In the past we have had political party meetings at state house yet we are multiparty nation. Why did no one raise a finger then ?

I have been reluctant to comment about claims that our new president is turning Kenya into a Christian state or even religious state. I think as a Muslim I should now give my two cents view and opinion.

First things first Christians are majority in this country but having said that as Muslims we have been given our space to practice our faith at all times. Christians in Kenya are and have always been tolerant of other faiths. I attended a catholic school for my O Levels and a Methodist church leaning school for my A Levels. If indeed we have a problem in Kenya it is an ethnic problem not a religious one like what you see in other countries

Freedom of worship is enshrined in our constitution and that right is NOT taken away from you the moment you become president. If a Muslim was President I am quite certain that you would have seen heightened activities on Thursday evening and then Friday midday when we have our Jumaa prayers where we get a full congregation.

Does President holding prayers at state house violate my right? Or the right of any other Kenyan who professes another faith ? No, Not at all.

Muslims in Kenya we have full rights to practice our faith without any hindrance and we even enjoy double public holiday to mark the two eids.

Many institutions allow their staff to pray 5 times a day and even give them space to do that, in some other institutions they even have a mosque. In all my working career I have always excused myself to go for Friday prayers .

I recall during my college days Kenya Utalii College would give us a bus to take us to Jamia mosque in town while during holy month of Ramadhan we are given a special section in the college kitchen to make our meals including provision of the same. I must salute my Mwalimu Mwakai Sio and Dean of studies Thomas Shedrack Dudah for making it happen. Gentlemen I can’t thank you enough.

Many prisons in Kenya and even police stations have a complete mosques that is also open to the public. I have prayed at Bamburi police station mosque and even Wundanyi prisons mosque.

I would rather have a God fearing president than one who doesn’t even attend church or interacts with his faith.

Those calling for a day to be set for other faiths at state house in my opinion they are just trying to get busy. If it’s a national event at state house all faiths would be invited to offer prayers. We see that at all national events including the recent swearing in ceremony.

If for some reason you don’t like what is happening at state house then you need to review your tolerance for other faiths. What is good for the goose is good for the gander

Let H.E The President and First Lady invoke the name of Almighty God as they work hard to lift Kenya that is heavily laden with debts.

The first family did not fall in love with their faith after ascending to presidency.

They have always practiced it hence I don’t see why anyone would be upset.

God Bless Kenya

As always I choose to remain an optimist

Mohammed Hersi

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