DP Gachagua is asking the right questions about our national carrier .

Just woke up to Leeo Khafafas piece in the Standard titled ” DP Rigathi Gachagua misled Kenyans with allegations of KQ ‘State capture’ .

My good friend has literally in his usual manner has now labeled our Deputy President next enemy of our national carrier.

My friend Leeo Khafafa while you attempt to defend KQ please don’t go overboard and abuse your column at the Standard but thank God we have alternative platforms.

Fact is that H.E. Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has raised very valid questions, so relax and don’t get edgy.

Firstly let me state the following.

  1. Kenyans we love our national carrier and we know the importance of our national carrier so please don’t lecture us day in day out. Don’t allocate yourself the highest point on the mountain to lyric loudly that you truly love our national carrier while the rest of us are enemies. Not everyone who wails at a funeral are true mouners.
  2. The current management of KQ led by MD and Chairman I don’t envy their positions. These two gentlemen have worked really hard to clean the mess of yesteryears and they need all the help they can get so your new spin that some people want them out is false. I personally support both of them because were it not for them then things would have been worse . Worse I mean WORSE. So please DO NOT DISTRACT kenyans.

Finally the Elephant in the room since you have brought it up yourself, simple questions and in few words , what is KQ paying as lease fees Vs what the compset is paying. In aviation like any industry globally we have industry figures to guide the sector. Figures don’t lie and you have a chance to prove Kalpa wrong by sharing the correct figures anything else is pretty useless noise and PR spin that is not helpful.

Questions for you my friend.

✅ In the KQ statement which you may have authored yourself going by it’s tone please explain to Kenyans what is meant by ” cost are within the prevailing market rates ” what are those rates ?

✅ Then next please explain to Kenyans again what is meant by ” We have made significant progress arriving at significantly reduced rates ….” saying alot but in essence saying nothing.

My friend you may quickly wish to duck behind NDA but I am afraid not with the new regime. Era of transperancy is here and you need to get used to it. I now leave this matter in the good hands of our incoming CS Onesimus Kipchumba Murkomen who has promised to deal with it.

My friend what you fail to understand is that the bailout our national carrier is taking year in year out is tax payers hard to get funds hence when it comes to accountability questions must be asked. If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen you step out besides how did you end up in KQ’s kitchen in the first place ? What is your role ? You claim to love KQ for free .

Good thing we are making progress, nation is talking and help will reach our national carrier earlier than anticipated. We all want Allan Kilavuka and Chairman Michael Joseph to succeed and they will succeed.

Mohammed Hersi

One response to “DP Gachagua is asking the right questions about our national carrier .”

  1. Hersi
    Thank You for Highlighting a decent Response to the Author .
    Kenya Airways Needs to be Result Oriented for Kenyans to Get Value for there Money and services –

    We are Tired of Board Room
    Stories structured to Give Temporary Comfort to those Aligned-

    KQ Management Shape up or Ship out –


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