Good “waheshimiwas” and lawyers stop the drama go register your lines.

Kenyans have been busy registering, where have you been al that time

When the notice to register our lines was given I recall asking if I was on post paid safaricom has all my details so was Airtel was I expected to register again? Initially they said if you are on post paid you are safe and I sat back but after a few days it was again announced that everyone MUST register their lines afresh , of course I was pissed off but had to make efforts to comply as a good Kenyan.

For Airtel I had to go and line up at City Mall Msa and got sorted out . For Safaricom I had some complications but I was assisted and I was finally compliant all was done remotely.

To the good waheshimiwas and lawyers when you set up these laws keep in mind that it cut both ways. The system does not care who you are , once a prompt is given its all systems go. Oh I have been a line holder since Kanu regime oh this oh that ni kelele hazina maana.

Please wacheni ndrama go register your line or a hustler will take it , Safaricom and Airtel are innocent on this.

As always I choose to remain an optimist

Mohammed Hersi

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