Export Baobab fruits powder not the tree, that’s NOT value addition.

Your excellency how is this value addition? Public officials who do complete of your Kenya Kwanza manifesto.

Your Excellency William Samoei Ruto why do I get this feeling that some of these public officials would like your administration to look bad.

Why on earth would anyone approve removal of massive Baobab trees that have survived in Kilifi for 2000+ years.

Baobab powder from the Baobab seeds was recently discovered to be a super food . The vitamin C content is 7 times that of orange.

Your excellency I have heard you many times talk of value addition to our products, it is also well captured in Kenya Kwanza manifesto. Your excellency how is uprooting a massive giant of a tree that had its own amazing beauty going to add value to Kenya. You need to ruthlessly match your actions to your words. I dare say some of these public official don’t care because in the past they got away with murder.

Your excellency fly over Kilifi and even Kwale and witness the massive coral harvesting for building blocks with ZERO plans to rehabilitate this land. What is left behind is ugly patch of land that is of no use to anyone . Past County and national governments totally failed to bring sanity in this .

Your excellency let me be honest with you we have some public officials who don’t care about Kenya and to them anything can be traded as long as the price is right.

Your excellency you were in Kilifi launching that major road project and when you look across the vast land you will not fail to see the beauty of these Baobab trees. They are rare and takes hundreds of years to grow to maturity. Visitors marvel at the sheer size of these trees. Let me ask will central Kenya happily allow uprooting of Mugumo trees ?

It is now reported that the said firm has been given a two year license to uproot these trees. Who with working faculties approve such? Surely it is now not even pegged on number of trees but a blank cheque for two years. Trust me within six months there will be nothing and they will be moving to Kwale and Makueni then rest of Kenya.

This is just not right and must be put to stop. The public officials who sanitised the dirty deal must also be held to account.

Seeing that massive tree on a truck being shipped away is revolting and makes anyone who loves Kenya sick.

Your excellency is that how you want your tenure you’ve hardly been in office 100 days to be remembered?

These are public officials who don’t care, I suggest you make them carry their cross. CS Enviroment Tuya Nanana you should be breathing fire , some of these junior officers don’t care since nothing happens to them and it was a common vibe in the last regime . Please crack the whip and match your action to your words during the vetting. If they broke the law they should face the music.

As always I choose to remain an optimist that sanity will be restored in our beautiful country lest one day locals take it upon themselves to stop such things. I am sure your excellency you have more than it takes to whip these rogue official into line.

Mohammed Hersi

One response to “Export Baobab fruits powder not the tree, that’s NOT value addition.”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Hersi! Usually, these countries don’t allow certain products from outside because they will clash with their own flora and fauna. So why remove an old, old baobab tree and transport it halfway across the world?

    This reminds me of the story of our Kiondo…. Kenyans no longer have any right to call it our own anymore.

    Our officials are so myopic, it’s unbelievable! They truly have no business sense nor their country’s interest at heart. All they are interested in are their own short-term and selfish personal gains. They make me SICK!


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