World Cup is about football not about alcohol & LGBT. Let Qatar be.

If anything Alcohol has been rhe driver of violence. Watch your match while sober.

Qatar & world cup .
Hosting an event DOES NOT mean you drop your traditional or religious values to conform, you can look for the closest tree and …..

They made the bid, they won ( how ? is not the debate, even Russia was a host. Who has the moral gauge to judge others ?).

πŸ‡ΆπŸ‡¦ Qatar a tiny country with a population of just about 3Milion and land area is 11, 571Sqkm. In Kenya it would have been No 14 in terms of county by size. Well that is where the similarities end .

Qatar is 9th richest country by GNI per capita as per world Bank. They even beat all their GCC neighbours. Its sheer hardwork and commitment that has made them what they are today. Fact is even their neighbours are envious.

You may say they have oil ? Well Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ has oil and Congo DRC have largest reserves of rare earth minerals ++++ even Kenya we now have oil.

Fact is they have invested billions $224B , to give you an idea our budget 2023/4 as Kenya is $29B and Nigeria is about $40B.

Simply put they have left nothing to chance . To bring a debate of Alcohol, LGBT , Human rights oh please give Qatar a break and please stop your attempts to water down their hard work.

World cup is only for 28 days , if you are one of the critic and you are in Qatar please bear with the situation and who knows you could be on the next flight when your team fails to make it to the next round.

The critic have tried everything to discredit Qatar , I recall even South Africa equally never had it easy. Oh the stadias would be white elephants oh insecurity oh transport issues oh this oh that and Shakira made them shut up with her beautiful song Waka Waka it’s Africa’s time and it was one of the most colourful world cups we have ever had. Those vuvuzelas still ring in my ears .

Folks enjoy the world cup and congratulations Qatar for leaving nothing to chance.

Croatian fans have nailed it…don’t sweat the small stuff . Alcohol and LGBT debate .

Anything else is nothing but “wivu” and malice. Let Qatar be, if you wish to help go fix Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. Qatar does not need your help.

May the football extravaganza begin ⚽

Mohammed Hersi

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