Seven lessons from Qatar world cup first round

I am a big fan of football but I also draw leadership motivation from sports.

Now that action has now moved to second round knock out stage it means the tension will only build up and from today another two teams will be on the flight home.

What are the lessons.


When you get to the world cup , remember many others also deserved but didn’t make it. Italy for Europe , Egypt & Nigeria for Africa stand out for me. Take the qualifiers seriously don’t wake up last minute. Kenya we always talk qualifying for the world cup by talking big on paper without putting in the hard work. Players are innocent its the mess at authorities managing football both at government and FKF level.


Building a team is not some hardware . You can build the best stadias and best infrastructure in under 10 years but its clear that building a football team is about talent, hardwork, competitive domestic league and itvtakes alot of time, sacrifice and energy. Well Qatar realised that reality the hardway. I recall they took athletes from Africa to run for them even gave them Muslim names , why didn’t they go shopping in Morocco. Tunisia. Egypt & Algeria I am sure they could easily have found dozen good players. I thought its easier to naturalise them as opposed to my fellow Kenyans. Look here more than half of French team have roots in Africa. Simply put Qatar were busy with hardware they forgot they also had to build a team.


When you win a match , you may even shock yourself but don’t over celebrate . Saudi Arabia even took a public holiday for beating Argentina. Well Messi and team knew it was getting messy if they don’t put their acts together. KSA were still in party mood when they met Poland and lost a match they could have easily won then woke up late to fight with Mexico. Japan also beat a power house but they made their bow to the fans as the fans got down to clean the stadia. Argentina are through to the second round , Saudi Arabia can now smoke their shisha without any stress.


Author Stephen Covey talked of ” Keep the main thing the main thing “. The main thing in Qatar was football but other teams had other ideas . Germany a nation not known for controversies their team chose to be the face of LGBT by even branding their aircraft. Tiny Qatar played hardball and did not even allow them to land their plane they were forced to land in Muscat and take unbranded plane. It didn’t end there and they took the defiance on to the pitch covering their mouths during the photo shoot session in their first match. On the other hand Japan were focused and defeated the distracted Germans. Well Germany is out and they are now free do picket across the world as they wish before the professional leagues resume .


Ghana chose to revisit the 2010 exit which was engineered by conniving Suarez. It was the talk for the last three days and0 the fact he was still playing did not help matters and they managed to sneak in two quick goals . Ghana broke the heart of many Africans and Cameroun were not any better . Ghana sense of urgency only started with 15 minutes to go against Uruguay. Well South Korea decided to ” revenge ” for Ghana and made Suarez to cry.


Football match is a 90 minutes affair++ injury time . Japan & Korea have showed the world that never give up and continue fighting. Watching Son of Tottenham against 5 Spanish players after a long run and he calmly managed to sneak in a pass to his colleague who ran very hard and fast to give him support to earn them the winner in my opinion is a moment of never say die and full focus. Player son has been wearing a skull protector since he had a broken nose and that is personal sacrifice . Maximum respect. They then had to wait to see if Ghana will stop Uruguay from getting a 3rd goal and well done to Ghans a keeper he indeed helped SK qualify.


Football is NOT a one man show if it was many stars at leading leagues would be here . Best teams to demonstrate team work is Japan and South Korea. They played that total football where everyone is engaged like their life depended on it that includes the bench and even the fans.

Good people I am sure you must have picked more lessons and I would love to read your comments and view. You see my circle if friends here at FB are very smart people and I also learnt alot.

I wish you alla pleasant weekend and as always I choose to remain an optimist.

Mohammed Hersi

2 responses to “Seven lessons from Qatar world cup first round”

  1. Nice article.keep up the good job


  2. Excellent lessons. How I wish our sports leadership would take the time to actually develop sports in our country.
    Good article MH


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