7 insights that makes somalis trend in Kenya

Every now and then I find ” Somalis” trending mainly due to businesses or even political positions or a new somali restaurant that has opened making Nairobians to go crazy with the portions they serve.

Let me comment about business and that may help demystify about somalis and business.

  1. Many somalis fled the war in Somalia and they ended up in USA. Canada, UK & Europe. A 5 year old entering UK or US in 1990 is now 32 years old with his own family. He wants to come back to Africa but not very certain about Somalia, natural option is Kenya where his dad and mom lived as refugees so there is a connection. They find easier to invest in Kenya.
  1. Somalis are very keen on their culture and even more their faith. While they got ivy league education in the western world they overly worried about family values the African way, I am afraid the LGBT push is not helping matters for them. Many opt to return to Africa to help the young ones to know their homeland and we are talking of lengthy stays . They also need to enroll in schools and madrassa classes hence Kenya which is calm is a natural choice for them mainly Nairobi and Mombasa.
  2. Somalis are very good in pulling resources together and it’s all anchored on TRUST. They hardly write agreements and rarely con each other. Their word is enough
  3. Local somalis likes yours truly and North Eastern have embraced education . Take your time and look around to see the numbers who have enrolled in collages and universities. They are many and they ain’t about to slow down. They are in every field medics, lawyers, enginners , bankers, et al
  4. Somalis are herders and pastrolists. Persistent droughts have wiped their livestock. Many opted to reduce their stock to reduce their risk. They have since moved into major towns to trade. I was pleasantly surprised quite a number in Mbita in Homa Bay.
  5. Somalis have also learnt doing business with government both at County and national level. The young suave somalis are pitching for tenders and in a strong big way .
  6. Politically they are vocal and they are taking their fair share of positions and rightly so. I am also happy to see my cousins Boranas also coming out in a big way.

I hope the above 7 points will help you to understand what truly makes somalis tick and suddenly there is too much focus on them.

Now you know and they are bound to get even stronger in the years to come . Afadhali uwazoea they are fair reasonable human beings.

As always I choose to remain an optimist.

Mohammed Hersi

One response to “7 insights that makes somalis trend in Kenya”

  1. Thank you for the article.

    Indeed like many other Kenyans from different backgrounds, they have found success here which sends out a very positive (or “optimistic”) message about this country.

    I choose to be an optimist too đŸ™‚


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