Denying Turkish Airlines to fly into Mombasa is nothing but self sabotage

Mombasa denied the chance to be connected to 320+ cities globally it hurts…

Waking up to this from our key partner in emerging market Estonia.

“Hi Mohammed .TK has cancelled its MBA ( Mombasa ) flights from 28oct 2023 until end of March 2024. So I guess Kenya authorities did not give flight permit to TK ( Turkish Airlines) .”

Well while we continue to self sabotage, Turkish Airlines are now flying to 3 cities in South Africa. Joburg 3 . Cape Town & Durban. Emirates also fly to these 3 cities. Joburg 3 daily. Cape Town 2 daily . Durban daily flight .

They also fly to 3 cities next door Tanzania. Dar. Kilimanjaro ( Arusha) & Zanzibar.

They also fly to 3 cities in Egypt. Cairo. Hurghada. Sharm El sheikh.

So please don’t ask me why these destinations receive more tourists. You DONT WALK OR DRIVE TO DESTINATIONS YOU FLY.

Turkish also fly to 2 cities in UAE Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Guess what ? They have been allowed to fly 5 times a day into Dubai home to Emirates Airlines which means the more the merrier.

Scarcity mentality is serious mental block for African countries and African leaders.

I truly weep for Mombasa , I wait to see if denying Mombasa acess will save our national carrier. GOK can continue bailing KQ that is not in my control but surely please allow rest other of other genuine business to also thrive . We pay taxes and we don’t seek any bailouts to thrive.

Turkish Airline is NOT your traditional airline, Turkish is the only airline that flies to 320+ cities globally . In Germany alone 15 and 10 in the US , 5 in UK which means you can come to Mombasa from virtually every corner of the world .

When you allow these flights into Mombasa , you are also supporting Diani Kwale County, Malindi Watamu Kilifi County, lamu in Lamu County Tsavo Taita Taveta County & Amboseli Kajiado County.

Your excellency William Samoei Ruto CS Hon Onesimus Kipchumba Murkomen I thought we badly needed forex inflow yet we are refusing to pluck this low hanging fruit. Hon Owen Baya Hon Mohammed Ali Governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir Governor Fatuma Achani- Governor Kwale County Governor Gideon Mungaro Kilifi you surely need to address this from a political platform. Tourism is YOUR lifeline as coast counties . Counties are fighting for the sectors that help their local economies you should equally speak up and do it in assertive way. Tea, sugar and coffee are getting even financial support we are NOT even asking for bailouts we just want a level playing field .

NB: Turkish. Qatar. Rwandair have all been flying into Mombasa before Covid crisis. KLM were to fly in Dec but same fate they were denied the chance to connect Mombasa. While we deny Mombasa our national carrier is busy hopping around Africa flying Nairobi. Livingstone in Zimbabwe then onwards to Cape Town which is similar to Mombasa .

With No Visa to South Africa kicking in it means even the little domestic that was coming our way will now head to Joburg. Durban and Cape Town. If you are keen enough you must have noticed that South Africa Tourism board are now aggressively promoting SA in Kenya be it YouTube ads , Twitter promotions and FB sponsored ads purely targeting Kenyans.

On one side we denie the global source markets to come to Mombasa while South Africa is also coming to pick what is domestic and regional. If our national carrier was a serious outfit they should have been flying Joburg Mombasa to help us also target South Africans.

Well trust me it is hard to remain an optimist in such circumstances totally frustrating and I mean it TOTTALY FRUSTRATING. How do you deny yourself easy come FOREX?

Mohammed Hersi
Diani Hospitality Owners Association.

12 responses to “Denying Turkish Airlines to fly into Mombasa is nothing but self sabotage”

  1. Your frustration is palpable, I couldn’t agree more, we are enemies of our own progress.


  2. We need more airlines to fly in to our country to all possible cities, mombasa is one of them and it means more business to our country and greater support at this hard economic time.


  3. I am in agreement that our tourism growth needs an injection by having an open inbound flow of Airlines into Kenya .We are hurting tourism by proctecting our national carrier.


  4. Till the mid-90s, I recall Moi International Airport Mombasa receiving 1 or 2 international flights daily. These charter flights operated by the likes of Somak and Monarch brought tourists on 14 day packages filling up coast hotels, North to South.
    I worked on Moi Avenue and was always excited to see the throngs of tourists shopping for curios and the like.
    I am a strong believer in your vision Mohammed and I truly wish you had been made Tourism CS – then again, maybe this lopsided government would have frustrated you to your core.
    We must and will continue to push for open sky policy for KE to get its tourism up and running again.


  5. Can’t believe that to be true. We can’t keep complaining of poor hotel occupancy n on the other hand we are frustrating Airlines. How I wish we could get an opportunity with His Exellency the President n air our views. The whole industry will change


  6. Joseph muttimos avatar
    Joseph muttimos

    I could never have put it better my greatly respected colleague in the always underscore your points most humblingly.truly many of us who hv known you over the years wish you hd a stronger platform to be understood better and allowed to guide the relevant offices in this country.if decision makers listened such to invaluable advice the tourist industry would have been out of the bdoldrums long time ago.its such a pity but don’t tire up there’s hope that one day there will be someone to listen to you.
    God bless you mohammed.
    Keep it up!!


  7. Bottom up economy


  8. Saeed(Chiddyboy) avatar

    Mombasa will go done with KQ if open air sky policies are not applied ASAP.. and gues who is benefitting from all this fiasco?? Zanzibar…. 10-14 international airlines fly directly to Zanzibar and these are slowly increasing bringing in much needed tourists from all corners of the world!!! Why is Mombasa made to suffer for KQ’s mismanagement??? I’m yet to understand !!!!!


  9. What if Tk reciprocates in kind.?KQ is dying horse


  10. What if Tk reciprocates in kind.?KQ is dying horse


  11. Let the government open the skies to Mombasa this will make the entire region to be self reliant,moi international airport won’t overtake jkia.


  12. The people doing this to our counties and country are overpaid officers who exist in a narrowed field of their own selfish reality that sees very little in the future beyond their payday.
    They have no intellectual capacity to see the real benefit even to KQ when the skies are fully opened for business.
    We are a country suffering from the success of a few officers entrenched in government and having no motivation to expand our business space.


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